Kristina & Chad

Kristina is a permaculture designer, writer, gluten-free cook and baker, fermenter, environmental toxin detector, native plant enthusiast, former ex-pat, yoga deep stretcher, and pet wrangler. Her spirit animal is the antelope. But no, she doesn’t run that fast. In fact, walking is her preferred mode of transport. You can read more from her and learn more about what she does at The Healthy Homestead.

Chad is a native Utahn, science teacher, wildman, outdoor expert, camping ace, crow-master, game collector, optimist, explorer, adventure-seeker, wilderness-protector, ball thrower and musical instrument afficianado. His spirit animal is the bear. He would be perfectly content wandering the mountainside on his own but he enjoys Kristina’s company when she comes along. Skis are his preferred mode of transport.

We hope our blog will inspire you to spend more time in nature, get to know the plants, animals and landscapes you live amongst, grow your own garden, and strengthen your relationships by spending less time watching Netflix and more time playing and cultivating your creative side. (Yes, you do have one).

Thanks for hanging out with us!