Good things to come

Howdy friends!

After trying out life in Oregon for the better part of a year, we have returned to the Uintah Basin. Living in Oregon was an interesting experience – we met a lot of warm, welcoming folks, saw a lot of huge trees, and didn’t get as much rain as we thought we would! (Oregon is experiencing a drought.) We survived the PNW Snowpocalype that you probably didn’t hear about, managing to stay bearably warm without electricity for 15 days while the temps dipped to the lowest of the winter during a county-wide power outage.

Back in Utah we are looking to the future, getting settled back in, scanning the digital horizon for work, and have just finished planting our garden. (Spring comes later here, folks!) Our apricot tree is full of big green fruit, our garden is already sprouting, and we’re excited about what’s just around the corner.


Chad triumphant in the desert






3 thoughts on “Good things to come

  1. Almost in June and we’re waking up to 42 degree mornings here in Maine. We’re not attempting a vege garden beyond tomatos. I planted some holyhocks, canas and gladiolas in our garden spot a month ago and they’re just starting to sprout. Let’s do a skype type of meeting soon.

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