Tribute to my mom


Tomorrow, November 21st, is my mother’s birthday. I thought I would share some of my favorite memories of my mom – Julie Doppel Hicks – and some of the reasons that I think she’s an amazing person. Here are just a few of them!

  • My mom took time to read to me when I was little. I owe my love of books to this.
  • When she made chicken pot pie she would decorate the top of the crust with the leftover dough – making little chickens and eggs. They were the tastiest parts of the pot pie, of course!
  • She went back to school as an adult to get her master’s degree and start a new career in academics. Getting stellar grades with a bratty teenager in the house (me) was certainly no easy feat.
  • She opened the minds of hundreds of young college students over her years as a teacher, exposing them to art, movies and ideas they may have never discovered otherwise.
  • She taught me that a woman can rearrange heavy furniture on her own with a little leg power and a lot of will.
  • More recently, she helped me with a transcontinental move, and taught me that hiring a couple of strong guys to move the big stuff is also a valid option.
  • My mother is one of 10 children, and therefore part of a huge family made up of her nieces and nephews and their spouses and children. She loves all of them and never writes anyone off, no matter how much time goes by.
  • She took a few of my younger cousins under her wing for a few years, creating “Camp Julie” to give them a fun and educational time away from their normal routines.
  • She always looks stylish and well put together, showing herself respect, as she should.
  • In addition to teaching in the honors department at UNCC, she also led and continues to lead a parallel career as a Pilates instructor. Her students / clients love her and are dedicated to working with her.
  • She goes out of her way to help her clients, even picking one of them up to take her to the YMCA.
  • One day when I was a teenager and in kind of a sad funk, she unexpectedly brought me a plate of chocolate chip cookies and a glass of milk.
  • Many years before that, we hid in a basement during a tornado warning. I ate olive sandwiches and she made me feel safe and protected.
  • Nowadays, she spends a lot of time being an excellent grandmother to my nephew. She encourages his interest in nature and is, I’m quite sure, helping to create the fabulous adult he’ll be one day.
  • She has always shared clothes she no longer needed with me.
  • I bought a book once at a thrift store called “The Female Eunuch”. This book has been part of the decor in my parents’ guest room for many years now, decorated by my mother of course. I love the touch of weirdness this book gives to an otherwise very polished looking decor.
  • My mom has always been good at crafts and instilled this interest in me at a young age as well. My favorite craft-making memory with her has to be making Christmas ornaments out of dough, which we then baked, painted and shellacked. They didn’t survive once packed up in the attic, but making them was such fun.
  • My mom made sure she was present when each of her parents were dying. Some people may find it easier to disengage from events like these, but not my mom. I admire this.
  • I have my mom to thank for accompanying me to my first yoga class.
  • When my dad was in the hospital after a heart attack, she remained strong for my brother and I, managing to make sure we still were taken care of.
  • Every time I have asked her for help, she has always given it to me, without complaining.
  • I was born on Christmas day. Whenever someone new finds this out, they ask if my birthday got overlooked. My answer is always no, because my mom made sure that wouldn’t happen.
  • I took swimming lessons before I could walk. What kind of amazing parenting is that!
  • My mother has always made sure that she is taking care of herself in eating healthy food and getting plenty of exercise. This is excellent role modeling for the rest of us, of course.
  • My mother encouraged me to go back to school to finish my Bachelor’s degree when I was in my early 30’s. She even helped me pay for part of it.
  • When I had a car wreck at age 17 and split my lip in half, she managed to drive me to the hospital without freaking out.
  • Some of the moments I treasure of being with my mom are just plain simple little moments. Going to the grocery store together, for instance. It’s a ritual that seems to allow us to return to simpler times.

I could continue this list on and on but hey Mom, it’s your birthday, and you have other things to do than read my post all day! Happy Birthday! I love you!


3 thoughts on “Tribute to my mom

  1. Kristina- what a fabulous birthday gift. Thanks for all the kind words and memories. You were the sweetest child and we had so much fun together. I cherish those times and all the times we’ve spent together. I am a lucky woman to have such an amazing family. 😘😘

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