July in the garden

Greetings from the hot, hot heat of summer! Our garden is flourishing and Chad has gotten it nicely weeded so it’s about time we showed some photos. This spring we got our cool-season seeds planted nice and early, so we now have nice big patches of beets, are a little tired of eating peas, and most of our carrots have bolted. The silver lining to bolted carrots? Beautiful flowers and food for the pollinators!

We decided to go heavy on cover crops this year, planting buckwheat, austrian winter peas, clover, and daikon in between our spring plantings, and then pulling them up or cutting back as needed to plant our tomatoes, squash, eggplant and other heat-loving veggies. The cover crops act like a living mulch, provide more pollinator food, and add biomass for composting. Yay for cover crops!

We have lots of flowers interplanted with our food crops to attract pollinators and beneficial insects and just for the sheer beauty of the flowers. We are having another grasshopper apocalypse this year but the garden is resisting nicely. Some of our marigolds have been stripped bare, and some of our beans devoured, but everything else seems to be resisting this destructive overpopulation of insects. We think it’s because we planted early this year, giving the plants a head start on the grasshoppers. And also, we plant in polycultures, interplanting different types of vegetables with companion plants. Yes, what we need is something that will EAT the grasshoppers, but that will be for later.

While the garden grows, Chad and I are busy working away at some exciting plans and changes. We’ll let you know more about that soon – stay tuned! And until then, stay cool!


3 thoughts on “July in the garden

  1. Wonderful! Our garden is flourishing and also being eaten by groundhogs! We do have squash and tomatoes coming. How goes the sale?


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