Harley hikes Sheep Creek Canyon

We spent a weekend in the Flaming Gorge area recently and took a drive to one of my favorite places in this part of the state, the Sheep Creek Canyon Geological Area, also known as Sheep Creek Canyon Loop. Chad took me here on one of my first visits to Utah and I was awed by the fascinating geology. So I was looking forward to returning – this time under a beautiful blue sky and bringing our dogs along with us.







The geological loop is one you can enjoy entirely from your car should you choose to. In winter part of the loop is usually closed due to unsafe conditions. So when we reached the gate and could drive no further, we got out, found a nice spot near some conifers, had a picnic and sat, enjoying the scenery.












I loved the variety of textures and colors offered by the geology in the canyon and kept looking in amazement when I’d notice something new: striations, cliffs, landslides, jagged peaks, diagonal layers, pinnacles. This area is a visual feast.



After our meal, we decided to hike up the road that was closed off. I thought to myself that we’d have to see how far Harley could go, and might have to cut the hike short if he seemed like he was struggling.

Harley is our elderly dog. He’s 13 or 14 and has been having a few issues lately because of his advanced age, yet he remains amazingly sweet, patient and good-natured. He still jumps excitedly when it’s meal time and often bounces eagerly along on our daily walks, but there have been times lately when he looks up at me with his big sad eyes and lets me know he’s too tired to go on those walks.


On this walk, Harley surprised us all. Not only did he have plenty of energy, he took the lead, and I had to keep adjusting my pace to keep up with him. He strode along the road looking like he knew exactly where he was going – and was in a bit of a hurry to get there! He only got sidetracked to munch on patches of snow a few times. Chad and I kept laughing at what an amazing job Harley was doing hiking with us, making this one of those special memories we’ll always cherish.




The views along the road were amazing, and Chad, who usually likes to bushwhack off-trail, was as happy as I was that we decided to hike along the road instead of in a dense thicket of saplings.





Leo and Charlie obviously had a great time too. They had noses to the wind the whole time, no doubt taking in an exciting array of wild aromas.









By the time we made it back to the car, the clouds had started rolling in, covering the beautiful blue sky, and we were all well-exercised and feeling good. The dogs snoozed happily in the back seat as we made our way back towards Red Canyon Lodge, although sadly, we did not encounter any yaks along the way.





4 thoughts on “Harley hikes Sheep Creek Canyon

  1. That was awesome! Thanks for sharing, it looked so beautiful and great pics, nice playing with the shadows. The doggies are so cute and then I thought NELLY!!! How is she??? Did you guys eventuallly get the tool set for the ceramics? That was the only thing that had been missing last we were in touch. France is starting to SPRING!Im back on the diet. Got here and was 165 kilos ate my way up to 172 kilos over the holidays and after 14 days of diet and downing 3 LITERS of water a day I have only lost not even 2 kilo. I lost that the first week and then stuck the same after another week. Annoying and boring.Im headed back to UK for shoots hoping I can make some much needed income. Still no money for VOLUP2 after 6 years.Really wanna try to be back in the states for the summer. We shall see!!Love and miss ya  http://www.volup2.com    http://www.facebook.com/pages/Velvet-dAmour-Official-Fan-Page/353739560014 https://www.facebook.com/Volup2  http://www.velvetography.com

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    • Velvet! Nelly is good too, though still as whiny as ever. Yes! We got the tools – thank you! I can’t believe I forgot to tell you. And we’re getting ready for a road trip and your getting to know you book is packed as an essential for the car. Don’t know if I ever told you how much fun we have been having with that! Good luck with your weight loss – I hate it that it’s so hard for you!!! Wish I could do something to help! Have fun in the UK. And anyone reading this please check out Velvet’s magazine, it’s amazing – a showcase of diversity in glamour. Love you Taraboomdaiyay!


  2. Beautiful photos. What a great place for a hike – and such a sunny day. Nothing like a nice long walk to tire out the dogs.


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