Pony Express Station In Gothenburg Nebraska

June 22, 2017 – Gothenburg, Nebraska – Day 2

IMGP2859Our next destination was the Pony Express Station in the town of Gothenburg, Nebraska. It was nestled into a cute little neighborhood with historic craftsman houses. I enjoyed seeing different types of residential neighborhoods throughout our trip, and this was one of the cutest ones.


We eventually found the Pony Express Station. It felt good to stretch our legs while we took a quick look around. Chad bought some souvenirs and I eavesdropped on fellow tourists. A middle aged couple were there with their son who was starting college soon. It made me remember when my parents drove me to NY for my first semester in college and we took a road trip of our own from NC to NY.


One of the interesting things I learned about the Pony Express was that it was only operational for 18 months. Then the telegraph became more widespread making the pony express  obsolete. It seems strange that it became legendary in such a short time.


What I haven’t yet told you is that we had a pretty tight driving schedule on our way out, trying to make it from Salt Lake to Nashville in just three days. On this particular day we woke up in Wyoming and would be finishing the day in Missouri. Chad was ready with ideas of places to stop and I tried to keep us on schedule. It turned out that there was a Sod House museum in the same town so we decided to have a quick look. It was closed but we had fun goofing around at the American Gothic face hole board.



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3 thoughts on “Pony Express Station In Gothenburg Nebraska

  1. I bought an antique-looking pony express padlock and key for a niece who collects padlocks and keys, and a “pony express messenger” badge for my dad, who’s always been an avid horseman and would have made a great pony express rider. When the guy working there went to ring up my purchases he ran into technical difficulties with the cash register and got flustered. He was apologetic. I tried to lighten the mood by saying “well, it’s a good thing we’re not pony express riders or we’d be late”. I thought it was funny, but he didn’t even crack a smile. It’s fun to think about what it would’ve been like to have galloped away on horses instead of driving away in our little car.


  2. Here’s a trivia question: How much money did the owners of the Pony Express make during the year and a half that it was operating?


  3. Another trivia question: the buffalo sculpture is made of barbed wire. How long would that wire be if it was stretched out straight?


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