Date Night

imgp7979Date night. That means dinner and a movie for a couple who already has their relationship well cemented, right? That’s what I used to think. I will admit, I used to think that it was a little sad to have to rely on date night for a couple to spend time together. Then I met Chad and most of my ideas about what it was to be a couple changed anyway, but for the better.

Even though Chad and I spend time together during the week, we felt we wanted to dedicate time each weekend for something special. So a few months ago we decided to have a dedicated date night once a week. Rather than dinner and a movie though, we decided to take turns coming up with a fun, preferably creative, idea for our weekly date night.

This really started back when we were still a long distance couple, him in Utah and me in North Carolina. In order to get to know each other we decided to answer the New York Times’ 36 questions. Rather than talking about the answers to the questions, we would email our answers to each other. If Chad sent his email before I’d finished my response, I would wait until I had emailed mine before reading his, and vice versa. It was an exercise in trust and honesty.

We got through most of the questions and then I proposed that we change it up a bit, that we take turns making up a prompt each week and that it didn’t have to be a writing prompt. The fact that we both had so much fun with this was a sign that we were very compatible.

Now that we live in the same house we have transferred this weekly call for creativity and bonding into our weekly date night. Sure we see each other every day and talk about our challenges, joys and concerns, but it is really nice to take some time to do something a little different.

So far for date night we have made origami, created mandalas, done figure drawing, responded to writing prompts, looked through seed catalogs, and (since we don’t include TV or movies as our regular routine) we have even watched a movie from time to time. Recently I came up with a prompt that was inspired by a book I was reading (Snow by Orhan Pamuk): draw a map of your place in the universe. We thought we’d share our drawings with you.

We hope you’ll enjoy getting creative with your own romantic plans. Happy date night!

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